Location - De Montfort University, Leicester
Registrations - De Montfort's Student Union is where you sign-in
Address - De Montfort Students' Union, Mill Lane, Leicester, LE2 7HU
Accommodation Address - Liberty Park, 101 Raw Dykes Road, Leicester LE2 7FP
Accommodation Keys - Please collect these at Registrations (Student Union)
Contact Alcon - 07983 671948
DMU Website -

Travel Guide

Train Travel - Click HERE to view Walking Directions from Station. To help get the cheapest ticket possible, we recommend that you search through the National Rail website 12 weeks prior to Alcon. This will help you find the cheapest advance ticket. Also, if you are eligible, using a Young Persons Railcard can help reduce the cost further.

Coach/Bus Travel - Click HERE to View Walking Directions from St Margarets St Margarets is served by numerous companies including National Express, Stagecoach, First and Arriva. These offer regular national and local services. To help get the cheapest ticket possible, we recommend you search through the nationalexpress and megabus websites 12 weeks prior to Alcon.

Car Travel & Car Parking - Leicester is in close proximity to Junction 21 of the M1. As there is extremely limited parking in the vicinity of the campus, it is recommended that you use one of the nearby 24 hour car parks. The closest are the St Nicholas Circle NCP and Newark Street car parks. These are both approximately 15 minutes walking distance from the convention. Please check opening times in advance and ensure you have sufficient cash to pay when exiting. Please note that if you choose to park on the street, there are numerous parking meters in effect around the city. Do not leave any valuables on display.

Convention Areas

Alcon takes place in several buildings; the Queens Building, the Campus Centre (which includes a bar/night-club), the student union and a few other areas), Bede Hall, New Wharf & Liberty Hall. These buildings are less than 2 minutes walk away from one another. Key

1. Queens Building
2. Campus Centre (Upstairs is bar/nightclub, we will use downstairs this year as well)
3. Bede Hall Accommodation (Register In Here)
4. New Wharf Accommodation
A. Sainsburys and Pizza King
B. Spar Shop and Cashpoint
C. Tescos


There are a total of 300 places for overnight stay on campus in the Liberty Park Accommodation. These rooms are ensuite. These are sold on a first-paid, first-served basis, so make sure to register asap and book them with us now.

Campus rooms are arranged into flats of 4-5, with each floor having it's own kitchen and lounge area. Supermarkets are nearby, making that kitchen invaluable. Also within walking distance are shops, bars and leisure facilities.

Staying on campus is strongly recommended since it will allow you to participate in night-time events that will go on until 2am, and means you will be just a couple minutes walk away from the convention itself. We charge £39 a night for a single room and £49 per night for a double room.