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Submit this form and you'll be emailed with payment instructions. Once you pay, simply bring along a valid proof of photo-ID on the day of the event to collect your wrist-band. We keep a list of paid names, so there's no need for tickets. You MUST provide a valid proof of photo ID with your date of birth on it to be able to enter. Valid forms of ID includes Passport, Drivers License, Citizens Card or any form of photo ID with a PASS logo on it (most student cards).If you do not have a valid form of ID, then you may be refused entry. Please note that Alcon 2018 is an 18+ event, so you must be at least 18 years old by the date of the event to gain entry. If you are under 18 please check out this list of our other events that allow all ages here.

Full (4 days) entry to Alcon 2018 is £44. Please enter the following information to continue.

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A single ensuite is £39 per night, and a double ensuite is £49 per night. Note: A single is single is occupancy. A Double is one bed and two person occupancy. Please select which nights you would like. Read more HERE.
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Click HERE to read more on the clans. You can change this choice later.

Vampires Pirates Ninja
Supporting or VIP Member
For an extra £10 you get all three membership badges (Ninja, Pirate and Vampire) and become a supporting member! For an extra £25, you get all three membership badges and early access to events!
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The exclusive Alcon 2018 T-shirt.
The exclusive Alcon 2018 Hoodie.
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Friday LazerQuest (£7.50)
Anything we should be aware of? For example, do you have a medical issue or disability that we need to know about?

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If you're a member if a student union anime or gaming society and more than 10 of you are attending then you may be eligible for a discount - email us to enquire. Note that names must be provided in advance by email for the discount code to be valid.

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