Standard Membership

The type of membership badge you get for Alcon depends on which clan and which type of membership you signup for. The artwork will show Al-Kun/Chan either dressed up as Pirates, Ninja or Vampires. Standard membership is included with full (3 day) entry to Alcon 2019. Each member gets the following with standard membership;

  • A Single Alcon Revival Conbadge for your selected clan with your Badgename printed on it (printed badgename available upto 1 week beforehand, and when a badgename has been provided).
  • A Box of Pocky
  • Alcon Revival Conbook
  • Alcon Revival Lanyard
  • Alcon Revival Poster
  • Conplanner

Supporting Membership

Alcon 2017 Clan & Supporting Member Badges

With Supporting Membership you get all the benefits of Standard Membership, as well as three exclusive printed membership badges, 5 free Big Geek Raffle tickets worth £1 each, and if you purchase more than 2 weeks in advance then your badgename will be added to our Conbook under our “thank you to our supporting members” page.

VIP Membership

Animeleague Tote Bag – VIP Members will receive a similar quality tote bag with Alcon 2019 Artwork

VIP Membership is limited to 150 places. You get all the benefits of Supporting Membership plus a VIP badge, 5 extra Big Geek Raffle tickets (10 in total), priority queue skipping when you arrive, a limited edition tote bag for the event worth £10, a limited edition Alcon 2019 exclusive transparent VIP badge with your badgename printed on it, an exclusive Alcon 2019 A3 Poster,  access to the VIP Gala sit down with guests on Saturday, access to the VIP Reception on Friday, front row of stage seats reserved for VIPs (first come first served for VIP Members) and early access to the Dealers on Friday and Saturday.

Alcon 2018 VIP Member Badge