What is Alcon?

Alcon, short for Animeleague Convention, is a fun anime and gaming convention that takes place in the UK. Not just a con, but also with amazing parties later on which creates a full festival atmosphere over the three days and nights. Our 2019 event takes place on 6-8th September 2019.

What are the prices?

For all three days, they are as follows;

Early Entry – £29 (Available before June 6th)
Single Day Entry – £10 Friday, £13 Saturday, £10 Sunday (Available before June 6th)
Accommodation (optional) – £39 a night for Ensuite Accommodation.
Double Occupancy Accommodation – You can have a double room for two people for an extra £10 per night.

I need accommodation – where can I get this?

We have onsite accommodation which you book when registering via us.

What do your mascots represent?

Our two twin mascots, Al-Chan and Al-Kun also known as Alice and Alex, represent the two sides of Animeleague and indeed Alcon. Al-Chan is hyperactive, bouncey and silly, whereas Al-Kun is more mature, serious and intellectual. Together they represent that all members are welcome, be they of a serious or silly demeanour.

I have a problem, where do I go?

To the Registrations Desk until 10PM at the Student Union (it’s where you register in). Alternately, you can contact us anytime through the event on 07983671948 – this number is only active from Wednesday to Monday at Alcon, please email if you have questions beforehand.

Is there a place to store my luggage/bags?

Yes, when you go to the Student Union, there is a bag storage area at registrations. Cost is £1 per bag or item. Items must be collected each day by 10PM latest.

How can I be up to date with any changes/major happenings on the day?

Make sure to follow @alcon twitter and #alcon your tweets – All timetable cancellations and changes will be put up on our @alcon twitter account. We will also be tweeting about events of interests and happenings throughout the day. Make sure to #alcon tag your tweets and we will RT ones that may interest the attendees.

How and where do I sign up for events?

Take place at the event areas unless otherwise stated. Please ensure you arrive half an hour prior to the event or tournament and a member of staff will show you where to go or what to do.


How/Where do I collect my room keys?

You collect your room keys at the Liberty Park front office. Checkin times are from 2PM on Thursday (for those staying on Thursday), or from 10AM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Checkout is 10AM on your departure day.

Will I have to put down a deposit on my keys for accommodation?

You will need to hand us a £10 deposit before you can take your keys. This is to cover us if you lose your keys, wreck your room, don’t vacate it by 10AM on the day of departure, etc.

Can I choose where I sleep?

Of course! Please use our Accommodation Request Topic on the Animeleague Forum (topic and link to be added early 2019 when Registrations open) to request where you go – please login using your Animeleague User Account to post in the topic. Any emails or notes stating where you would like to stay will be ignored, it must be done via that topic (or it makes it a lot more confusing for our accommodation officer to handle). You will then have until the 20th August to decide which block to sleep in. Thereafter, we will pick for you.

Does the accommodation provide towels and cooking implements?

You will need to bring your own towels, toilet roll, shower curtains etc. Likewise, while the kitchen area will have Microwaves, Fridges, Freezers and Cookers, no actual pots, pans, or plates will be provided. So, if you intend to cook, then please bring such utensils along. Kettles are also not provided.

What time are check-outs?

10AM on the day of your departure. If you are late, you may risk losing your deposit.

Can I get a late check-out?

If you pay £5 then you can check-out at 11AM instead of 10AM.

Arriving & Collecting Passes on Day

I’ve paid, do you send me a ticket in the post?

No, we send tickets via email. You can also download them from your Alcon profile on the website. Simply bring your ticket and a valid proof of ID with you, and we will hand you your wristband, which will act as your pass to all areas.

Is there a number I can contact if I get lost?

Feel free to call us on 07983671948. Note this number will only be active from Wednesday until Monday at Alcon only. For queries before Alcon, please email us.


Free parking at the DMU Staff Car Park are only available to panelists, dealers and senior staff. For normal members, 24 hour parking is available at the NPC carpark next to the Phoenix Arts Centre. We can’t offer any onsite parking if you’re not a panelist, dealer or senior staff (crew member).

What ID do you accept?

Driver’s License, Provisional Driver’s License, Passport, Citizen Card. It MUST contain your photo on it for it to be accepted. We are unable to accept any ID which is not photo ID, no exceptions.

Why do I need ID?

If you wish to stay after 6pm for the evening events, then you must show proof that you are 18 years of age at the time of the convention.

How Do I Queue for My Wristband and get in?

As you queue our staff will walk through the queue with clipboards and wristbands asking for your ID, checking you off our list, and then issue your wristband ticket, which will act as your proof of payment and entry – make sure not to lose or remove it!

How do I collect my conbadge, conbadge and conbook?

The tables to pick up your conbadge, conbook, and t-shirt are located in the Student Union building. You can collect once you have your wristband.

Am I required to carry my ID around on me during the convention?

Yes, since wearing your wristband and conbadge is not a completely thorough way of checking you are who you say you are (since badges can be swapped). As such, you will be required to carry your ID around on you if we deem an extra check is necessary.

What time can I get into the convention from?

Registrations are open from 11AM until 8PM on Friday, and from 10:30AM until 8PM on Saturday and Sunday. Registrations are at the Student Union building. We can not register you outside of these times.

Registering & Paying

What is a Supporting Member?

The type of member badge you get for Alcon depends on which clan you signup for. The artwork will show Al-Kun/Chan either dressed up as Pirates, Ninja or Vampires. With Supporting Membership you get all three exclusive printed membership badges, 5 free Big Geek Raffle tickets worth £1 each, and if you purchase more than 2 weeks in advance then your badgename will be added to our Conbook under our “thank you to our supporting members” page.

What is a VIP Member?

VIP Membership is limited to 150 places. You get all the benefits of Supporting Membership plus a VIP badge, 5 extra Big Geek Raffle tickets (10 in total), priority queue skipping when you arrive, a limited edition tote bag for the event worth £10, a limited edition Alcon 2019 exclusive transparent VIP badge with your badgename on it, access to the VIP Gala sit down with guests on Saturday, access to the VIP Reception on Friday, front row of stage seats reserved for VIPs (first come first served for VIP Members) and early access to the Dealers on Saturday.

How Do I Pay for Alcon?

Once you have Registered you can pay at anytime before your deadline by logging in to the Alcon site and clicking “Your profile”. There you can checkout via paypal.

How can I pay with a credit/debit card?

You can use a credit/debit card to pay via paypal. You don’t need to register with paypal to do this. All you need to do is click on the paypal button and check out as a guest.

I can’t use paypal, can I pay via other means?

Yes, we offer payment via BACS bank transfer and cash/cheque/postal-order through post. Please email us on info@alcon.org.uk and we will provide details.

Can I register for more than one person?

Yes, click on “Your Profile” and then click on “Add Registration”. Please note each person must bring their own proof of ID to the event. We allow you to register for up to six people.

Can I edit and/or delete a registration?

Yes, once in “Your profile” simply click edit or delete. The total you owe will be changed to reflect this.

Can I pay for someone else who isn’t associated with my account?

Yes, please email us on info@alcon.org.uk stating who you’d like to pay for and how you wish to pay.

Can I pay in part payments?

You can pay for your accommodation seperate to the rest of your order via the website. Beyond this we can’t offer anything.

I need a refund, how can I get one?

If you wish to cancel your any aspect of your registration including accommodation, we will typically offer a refund minus a £20 administration fee on entry and a further £20 administration fee if you also have accommodation when the refund is conducted before the end of June. Note this is at the staff’s discretion. Thereafter, as bookings are already made, no refunds are given, and transfers are not possible either.

Rules & Regulations

What are the full Terms & Conditions to my attending Alcon?

Our full Terms & Conditions are available on our website, which you need to agree to when registering.

Is there a General Rules List for attendees?

Yes. We have our General Event Rules for all attendees which is available on our forum.

I’m cosplaying with a weapon that may be dangerous. Is this okay?

Make sure to read the Cosplay Rules first. All weapons will be checked by the registrations team and if they consider it as a risk to others we will store it until you are ready to depart the convention areas. If you going to be part of the cosplay masquerade you will be able to pick it up but must return it to us to look after or keep it in your own room.

I need a refund, how can I get one?

If you wish to cancel your any aspect of your registration including accommodation, we will typically offer a refund minus a £20 administration fee on entry and a further £20 administration fee if you also have accommodation when the refund is conducted before the end of June. Note this is at the staff’s discretion. Thereafter, as bookings are already made, no refunds are given, and transfers are not possible either.


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