How To Book

1. Please Read all information listed on this page first and foremost.
2. Complete the Booking Form online HERE.
3. We will then invoice you and give you details on how to pay. We can offer BACS, paypal, cheque and cash as payment methods.
4. If you have any questions or problems, please mail us at: ops@animeleague.com

Pricing Information

Hallway Exhibitors (Located in the Hallway): Open Saturday and Sunday, we offer hallspace for exhibitors outside of the Dealers room at a pricing (inclusive of VAT) of £85 per 4ft table for both days. There are advantages of trading in the main hallway, since you will get more passing trade. However, you will need to set up and take down each day as it's in the main hallway with attendees having access to it at all times from 10am onward. If you have a stand that is relatively easy to take up and set down we recommend taking this option. One pass per table.

Dealers Room Exhibitors (Located inside the Dealers Room): (inclusive of VAT) £85 per 4ft table and open Saturday and Sunday. The advantages of being in the dealers room is that you do not need to set up and take down each day and it is more secure, opening at 11am to give you time to properly prepare your display, so we advise to book to go in to the dealers room if you have a large amount of stock. One pass per table.

Art/Crafts Tables (Located in the Artist Alley Room) - As an artist you can pay a reduced £50 for an artist alley table which includes a full four-day entry to Alcon. This room is open Saturday and Sunday. Please note this room is likely to have lower traffic than Dealers and Hallway, so please book for Dealers/Hallway if you want guaranteed high traffic.

Extra passes are available at £30 each for exhibitor only (Sat/Sun and Queens Building only) or £45 for a four day full pass (which is basically also an attendee pass). Backing tables are £30 each.

If you wish to upgrade an exhibitor pass to a full four day entry, the cost is £18 per pass.

Footfall, Customer-Base and Spacing

- Footfall for the event will be between 1,000 to 1,200 unique attendees (unlike a lot of events, if someone goes for more than 1 day they still count as 1 person).
- Age-range tends to fall within the 16 to 25 bracket, university student.
- Gender is approximately 40% female, 60% male.
- Interests typically are anime fans, video gaming, cosplay and general geek culture such as sci-fi, fantasy, comics and movies.
- This is an event attendees will save up all year for and treat more as a mini-holiday rather than a convention, so the average spend per attendee tends to be high.
- To avoid sales being diluted, we cap the number of tables where products or arts and crafts may be sold. We will confirm this number closer to the time. Any subsequent tables are for promotional purposes only.

Opening/Setup Hours

- Dealers Room Setup time - Anytime Friday 10am onward. On Saturday it is 8:30am onward.
- Dealers Room Opening time - Saturday Midday to supporting members, 1pm to normal attendees. Sunday 10am onward.
- Hallway Setup time - Saturday 8:30am onward.
- Hallway Opening time - Saturday 10am to normal attendees.
- Dealers Room Closing time - Saturday 7pm, Sunday 4pm
- Hallway Closing time - Saturday 10pm (to close you may leave earlier, we recommend 7pm), Sunday 4pm


We are always happy to discuss sponsorship with any company attending. If your company is interested in providing prize support for a specific event or activity, then please do contact us and we.ll discuss. We are also looking for help with posters . so if you have any posters that you wish us to put up to promote your products, just bring them along and hand them to us.

Further Information

A full exhibitors information pack will be sent 2-3 weeks prior to the event with contact numbers, loading information and anything else related to on the day activities not covered here.