Every attendee to Alcon gets a free copy of the Alcon Conbook included in their Conbag. It’s a booklet that contains lots of articles and artwork created by both our own staff and by our members.

If you’d like to submit your own article or artwork to be included in the Alcon Conbook, please read the appropriate section below for our requirements and how to make your submission. If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask in this topic here!

Article Requirements

Length of the Article – Articles should be between 300 and 1,500 words in length. 
Formatting – If you have any specific formatting or picture requirements, please do state so before you write the article.

We will only include articles in the conbook that are of a high relevance and quality.

Examples of Relevant subjects – Anime & Manga, Japanese Culture, Alcon, Animeleague (try to avoid any articles that assume you’re already a member of AL, since a lot of Alcon attendees won’t be regulars), any activities that are at Alcon (ie: Video Gaming, Roleplaying, etc). 
Examples of NOT Relevant subjects – Politics, Cars, Football (unless we’re talking anime-themed).

Once you pick your subject, you need to decide it’s orientation between a humourous article and a serious article.

Humourous Articles – Remember to keep it sharp and witty. Writing humour can often be more difficult than writing serious articles, so don’t approach it as something you can write without putting substantial effort into it.
Serious Articles – Make sure to do your research. Also, remember not to make these articles too dry. Even though they’re ‘serious’, they should be entertaining and perhaps contain good wit and humour to them in places if it’s appropiate.
For all articles, we suggest you find at least one or two friends who will be willing to proof-read your article.

To submit your article idea, please fill in the following form and then email it to events@animeleague.com

Article Title – (You can change this later)
Subject – (Please state what it’s about)
Orientation – (Humourous or Serious or mixed?)
Rough Length – (Short, 300 words, medium, 500-1000 words, or long, > 1000 words?)
Formatting requirements – (Will you be including any pictures? Also any further formatting requirements?)
Example of your work – (Please provide an example of your work to the editor)
Please note that we reserve the right to edit, amend or change any articles that are submitted as we see fit – usually to improve the grammar or wording, or to remove anything inappriopiate.Artwork Requirements

Forms of Artwork – Comic strips, Gag panels, Artwork for articles or full page art.
Size – All of these would be A5 size and in black and white. We will also include some A4 posters at the center which will be in full colour, so you may opt to submit for this as well.
Subject – Original Artwork is welcome, as is artwork of the Alcon mascots. We encourage the artwork to have a relevance to Alcon or the anime fandom itself.
Please submit artwork for consideration to events@animeleague.com in a compressed file format that is no larger than 400kb in size OR a link to the artwork. If the work is accepted, we’ll ask for a full resolution copy at a minimum 300dpi in a lossless file format such as TGA, TIFF or 24-bit PNG.

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