Three almighty clans line up. Only ONE will win that elusive Alcon trophy! Will it be those sneaky ninjas, those wicked vamps, or those pesky pirates? YOU, the attendees, shall decide!

When you sign-in, your con badge shows which clan you are in! You can then earn points for them over the convention to help them towards victory! Points are calculated by who wins events, who helps out, and so forth! Get into the spirit of Alcon, and join the epic struggle today!

Clan Leaders, How to Recognise Them & All the Clan Hype!

This year we intend to create more hype for the clans off of stage and get everyone joining in! And so clan leaders will have outfits/hats/stashes to wear so you can know who they are as they help put out the following…

  1. Clan Assassins (more details being released soon)
  2. Clan Meetups – Each day will see a different clan meetup take place outside.
  3. Clan Party – And if that was not enough, the clan leaders will also organise a clan party each night back at the accommodation!   
    More information to come in the new year, so stay tuned.

How To Earn Points

You can earn points for your clan by winning a tournament or event, crewing for the event or winning an Alcon award. When you win an event or tournament, you will be handed a ticket you can exchange for point stickers. You take these stickers and stick them on to the clan of your choice’s tally chart at registrations. You can also go to there to see which clan is winning.

Small events such as TCG tournaments give 15 points to 1st, 10 points to 2nd and 5 points to 3rd. Medium events such as video gaming tournaments or events that are on stage give 30 points to 1st, 20 points to 2nd and 10 points to 3rd. Large events such as the Cosplay Masquerade, Pub Quiz, Talent Show and so forth give 45 points to 1st, 30 points to 2nd and 15 points to 3rd. Clan Battle event on the Sunday awards a large bonus of 300 points to the winner of it, with 100 points to second place.

Winner Announced in the Closing Ceremony & Special MVCM Prize!

 As you score points for your clan, you write your badgename on your stickers. At the closing ceremony the winning clan will not only be announced, but the Most Valuable Clan Member. Said member will win £50 and a trophy.