PLEASE NOTE: This information is from the previous year's Alcon. 2018 activities will be similar, but will be fully revealed in the new year.

With over ONE HUNDRED events planned, the only possible complaint you could have is that you can't do it all! A full timetable will be released closer to the event so you can plan your day.

Watch Anime
Buy Anime/Manga Goodies
TCG Tournaments
RPG Gaming
Tabletop Gaming
12+ Cosplay Workshops 
12+ VideoGame Tournaments
Talent Show
AMV Contest
AMV Making Panel
J-Pop Night/Party
Anime Party
Cosplay Courtroom
Live Band Performances
6+ Manga Workshops
Baka no Gameshow
Prop Making for Beginners
Pub Quiz
Steampunk Guide
BJD Panel and Meet
Voice Acting Workshops
Calligraphy Workshops
Comics Zone Modelling
Charity Auction
Chiptunist Performances
Cosplay Auction
Cosplay Blind-Date
Cosplay Masquerade
Crossplay panel
DDR Tournament
The Clan Battle
J- Culture Talks
EIGHT epic parties
Dub That Anime
Fursuitting Making
Glowstick Rave 
Making Anime Workshop
Yaoi v Yuri Showdown
Kimono Demo
Masquerade Ball
Video Game Party 
Oriental Lantern Workshop
Origami Workshop
K-Pop Night/Party
Wig Styling
Yaoi Panel 
Cosplay Photography

And this is not even half of what we shall be doing. Make sure to check out the forums for all the latest news and updates on what we're doing!

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Event Signup Links

[ All Signup Links for ALL events can be found here ]

While there will be signups on the day, we advise to signup beforehand to guarantee a place if you're entering the Talent Show, Cosplay Masquerade or Cosplay Auction.

To Signup for the Bring & Buy or AMV Contest you MUST signup beforehand.
All other events are on the day signups only! Again read the link above for a comprehensive list!

Rooms & Zones in the Queens Building

Hallway Exhibitors (Hallway Downstairs Queens Building) located as you first enter the Queens Building, it has a number of exhibitors on the Saturday and Sunday.

Exhibitors Room (Downstairs Queens Building) Opens midday (11am for VIPs) on the Saturday until 6pm, and on Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

Talks Threatre #1 (Upstairs Queens) We have talks and panels all day from our top guests including; Maggie O'Hara, MasakoX, LittleKuriboh, Akemi Solloway, Parle and more! Great opportunity to learn something new. See the timetable for scheldule.

Cosplay Zone & Photography (Downstairs Queens Building) will be providing a full on site studio (backdrop, lights) and on-site photo printing. All photos taken will immediately be available for convention attendees to buy! These images will be fully mounted and can be bagged ready to display! Open 10am to late each day. As well as grab a photo you can meet our special cosplay guests and fellow cosplayers alike. A great place to meet make new friends and chillout.

Cosplay Cafe (Downstairs Queens Building) Drop by our Cosplay Cafe for a chance to chat and eat cake with your friends, whilst being served and hosted by our team of cosplayers. Open 10am to 5pm on Friday & Saturday and 10am to 4pm on Sunday.

Artist Alley & Workshops Room (Downstairs Queens Building) Grab a pencil and get creative! Freestyle, or participate in the art and cosplay workshops taking place to learn new skills. Our art exhibitors will be located here, grab some unique pieces.

Video Gaming (Downstairs Queens Building) All the latest consoles and games at your fingertips. Packed with tournaments (see timetable) to challenge fellow attendees! Enter a tournament by placing your name on the signup sheets in the Video Games room; ask the VG crew for more info on each tournament. Make sure to turn up five minutes before your tournament is due to start.

Retro Room (Downstairs Queens Building) - Retroactive shall be organising the retro gaming zone, with everything from the 70s, 80s and 90s, including all your favourite and rare 8 and 16-bit consoles! Like the Gaming Room, Retro also has a full lineup of tournaments. Open 10am to 5pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

DDR/Arcade Zone - Throughout the day there shall be an area for DDRers to dance the night away! We shall have tournaments and general fun!

Cosplay Cafe (Downstairs 0.12) - Why not drop by our Cosplay cafe for a chance to chat and eat cake with your friends, whilst being served and hosted by our team of cosplayers.

Dealers (Downstairs 0.10) - Opens at midday on the Saturday until 8pm, and on on Sunday from 10am to 4pm. You can view a list of attending exhibitors shortly.

Anime Viewings (Downstairs 0.11) - Come drop in and watch some of your favourite anime series and movies courtesy of MVM Entertainment. Friday shall also be a special Asian Cinema Night bought to you by Terracotta Films! And for the first time ever, we shall also be putting on an anime screenings on demand room, where you can request what you'd like to watch!

TCG & LAN Gaming Room (Downstairs Queens Building) – There will be a full timetable of TCG tournaments including Yu Gi Oh, Vanguard, Pokemon and MTG (see timetable) from Golden Sun TCGs. Eclipse Arena will also be present on the Friday and Saturday to provide League of Legends and DOTA2 tournaments.

Bring and Buy (Downstairs Queens Building in TCG Room on Sunday) – The bring and buy will be open for business in the Artist Alley on the Sunday between midday and 5pm to buy goodies. Want to sell your stuff, come along, fill in a form and drop it off at registrations on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Note there's a 15% fee on all sales.

Rooms at the Student Union

An expanded Student Union reopened to give bigger and better parties and stage events for 2017!

Chillout - Plenty of space to sit down, chill out and get away from the hussle and bussle elsewhere.

Anime Bar & Karaoke - We will have an entire room to chillout and watch anime and other internet series throughout the day, and of course Karaoke later on.

Stage Events In the main hall, we will be holding our main stage events, talks, bands and much more. This hall is a single area meaning far more space than in the past.

Parties After 8pm the main hall is switched around to remove the chairs and allow for expanded parties.

RPG & Board Gaming We'll have half a dozen damn nifty Games Masters who will run games based around D&D, BESM, GURPs etc.


Three almighty clans line up. Only ONE will win that ellusive Alcon trophy (rumoured to contain the convention's soul)! Will it be those sneaky ninjas, those wicked vamps, or those pesky pirates? YOU, the member, shall decide!

When you register, the member-badge you receive depends on which clan you pick! You are then in that clan, and can earn points for them over the convention to help them toward victory! Points are calculated by who wins events, who helps out, and so forth!

We strongly encourage our members to have a costume or cosplay ready for your clan. Why just signup, when you can also BE a pirate/vampire/ninja? ^_^ Get into the spirit of Alcon, and join the epic struggle today (Disclaimer: We can't guarantee your clan choice, but the sooner you signup and pay, the more likely you are to be put in the one you want)!

And There's More! Want all three memberbadges? Just pay an extra £5 to become an Alcon Supporter, and you'll be handed all three! Being a supporting member also means that you are guaranteed your clan choice!

You can find the HQ topic for each clan on the Alcon forums HERE.

Event Rules & Regulations

- View Cosplay Weapons Rules HERE