With over 100 activities, stage events, panels, parties, performances and so forth taking place, your main problem will be there being too much to do. A full timetable of events and conplanner with information will be released in the final month leading up to Alcon. This page is intended to give a guide to what to expect, so please note there will be changes.

In addition to these events, we have over a dozen brand new stage events and activities planned. Check back next year as we slowly reveal the brand new events to our lineup!

Main Stage Events

The following are just the highlights, there will be many more in addition;

  • Opening Ceremony – An introduction to Alcon and its guests – let the madness commence!
  • Talent Show – Forget X-Factor or The Voice. AnimeLeague’s Got Talent is where it is at! Can you sing or dance? Perhaps you have a more unique talent. Whatever it is, enter and show off! £50 prize for the winner!
  • Dub That Anime – Come along, form a team and give a comedy improvised dub of various anime clips live on stage. May the funniest team as picked by the audience win!
  • Cosplay Auction – Volunteers go up for bid to the audience, the highest bidder winning the company of that Cosplayer with the proceeds going to charity!
  • The Alcon Pub Quiz – Grab a pint and a team then test your geek knowledge in our big pub quiz of the year. £50 prize for the winning team!
  • Cosplay Masquerade – Would you like to show off your cosplay to masses? Strut your stuff and have a great time for a chance to win £100 cash prize!
  • Alcon Community Feedback Panel – We want to hear your feedback. Alcon is made by the fans, for the fans so please come along and voice your ideas and suggestions for next year!
  • Alcon Improv Jam – Whether you’re a complete beginner or seasoned improviser, come try out a variety of light theatrical games. A great way to meet people!
  • Clan Battle Showdown – You have been earning points for your chosen clan all weekend. This showdown is the decider in who will emerge victorious!
  • Alcon Charity Gala – Two hours of performances with our guests and lead-acts, ending with the Charity Auction. All money raised go to Epilepsy Action
  • Closing Ceremony & Alcon Awards – Wrapping the procedings up on the Sunday will be the closing ceremony where the winning clans will be revealed and a whole range of awards, as picked by you the members, presented.

Not Forgetting..

Many Guest Q&A Talks & Panels 
– Live Band Performances 
– Live Singing Performances

Last Year Also Saw – Cards Against Alcon, Ultimate Werewolf, Yaoi v Yuri Showdown, Baka No Gameshow, Lip Sync Battle, Who Wants to be an ANIME Millionaire, Mario Kart Drinking Game LIVE, Cosplay Blind Date, Big Geek Adventure and much more.

Panels & Workshops

Last year saw a massive variety of panels and workshops covering an entire range of subjects from anime to cosplay to gaming and much more. Here is a small sample of what was put on (Note, we will confirm this year’s panels closer to the time) – 

  • Beginners Guides to Tabletop, Cosplay, Anime Etc
  • How to Survive a Convention & Icebreakers
  • Fandom Q&As such as Gravity Falls, Doctor Who etc
  • Turning Geeking Hobby into Business
  • Mental Health in Cosplay
  • LARPing 101
  • Making Dreds Workshop
  • Plushie Making Workshop
  • Lightsabre Demo
  • Chiptune Tutorials
  • How to Detangle a Long Wig
  • Top 10 Mecha Anime
  • Anime Idol Guide
  • Manga & Art Portfolio Workshop
  • How to Spin Your Own Wool
  • Youtube Video Making Workshop
  • Zombie Workshop
  • Social Media Guide
  • Nerdy Cross Stitch Workshop
  • Guide to Making Manga
  • Top 10 Animes to Watch


Being 18+, we ARE the party convention! Your ticket includes, free of charge, access to all the parties and late-night events up until 2/3am on each day The parties shall feature Free Glowsticks, Free lollipops, Dance-Off Contests with Dancers and Variety Acts.

Of course, if partying is not your scene, there will be a range of late-night events including Karaoke and areas to chill out. 

Last Year Saw the Following Parties and Late Time Activities. We’ll confirm this year’s lineup closer to the event – 

  • Rock Night
  • Glowstick Rave
  • Dance Dance Alcon
  • Pop-Asia Party
  • The Masquerade Ball
  • Video Gaming Party
  • Final Countdown

And also..

  • Karaoke
  • Late Night Panels/Talks

And Not Forgetting..

  • A dozen continual Zones & Areas in two buildings from 10am to late at night each day (Make sure to check out the zones and areas page for more information) 
  • Over 40 hours of your favourite anime to watch over four days
  • Continual RPGs being run including Dungeons and Dragons and a number of custom games. Pick up and Play Games include; Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf, Lasers and Feelings, Sea Dracula, Monster Mash, Against the Odds and many more besides.
  • Nearly 100 tabletop games to pick from such as Werewolf, Cards Against Humanity, Two rooms and a boom!, Dead of winter, Zombiecide, Giant Jenga and much more. We will release a full list of games to play closer to the event.
  • Trading Card Gaming will see drop in and play as well as tournaments covering Yu Gi Oh, Vanguard and MTG.
  • For Video Gaming we have nearly a dozen tournaments, with big prizes up for grabs including Smash, Overwatch and League of Legends, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Dragonball Fighter Z, Street Fighter V and many more.